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Claw II earcuff is handcrafted from 24ct gold plated bronze, in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Comes as one piece.

Does not need to be pierced.



10 DITA Fall Winter '21-'22 Collection: Area Riservata // Restricted Area

For the FW '21-'22, 10 DITA unveils a collection to decorate the CREATOR's restricted areas - body and soul. 

10 DITA believes each and every soul and body is a sacred temple, thus any potential entry requires a great deal of respect, care and love.

10 DITA's new unisex collection, which is created after a well-thought engineering and design process, allows the CREATOR to ornament their sacred space. 

Approach with caution. Enter with love. Welcome ♡


Claw II earcuff

Only 6 left in stock
  • Material: 24 carat gold plated bronze

    Code: 10DITA0064J21

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