Çeyiz pillow is handcrafted from 100% silk in Istanbul, Turkey. The product comes with the removable pillow filling inside. The entire product is handmade so there can be slight differences in your purchase than the photo. Bear in mind that less perfection creates more authenticity :)



The collection gets its name from "ÇEYİZ" (dowry) as the technique in production was traditionally applied to quilts passed on the bride as a wedding gift in Turkey. Dowry items are known by their quality and durability and they are produced basically with the greatest attention to detail form finest material. 10 dita pillows get their inspiration from the traditional quilt and they can easily be passed on to the next generations. 

Mint çeyiz pillow

349,00 ₺Price
  • Material: 100% silk

    Size: 50cm x 50cm