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Collection Story

TOGETHER FOREVER is DIECI DITA's second unisex collection after AREA RISERVATA. In this collection we highlight the strength coming from power DUOs. True unity multiplies the power of individual self mirroring our storytelling of two hands, 10 fingers duplicating the power of hand symbol. WELCOME CREATOR, WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER ♡



Your 10 DITA product has been coated with a special finishing. Yet, we advise you to keep your product away from parfume, soap, cosmetics, cleaning products etc. 



Silver & Gold Statement Necklace I

  • Material: 24K GOLD PLATED GOLD ON BRONZE + Stainless Steel

    Chain lenght = 65cm. The product is detachable, gold part being a bracelet, can be used seperately. The charms from the collection can also be attached to the necklace.

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